A fulfilling relationship and a satisfying sex life have a lot in common. Well-being in both of those areas can be traced to a common source. Access the source, and you will be able to bring about positive changes to both the every-day interactions with your partner and the intimate time you share.

Brought to you by a duo of co-facilitators – he, a relationship therapist and she, an intimacy coach – this workshop will help you lay the foundations for building a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship and sex life. 

In this meeting, you will find the answers to questions such as:

  • How to put difficult emotions to good use instead of avoiding them or letting them take over?
  • How to navigate differences in sexual desires?
  • What to do when I or my partner change?
  • How to break out of sexual routine?
  • How to enhance the connection and deepen mutual understanding in the relationship?

In the workshop, you will have a chance to broaden your awareness of the hidden obstacles to relationship and sexual well-being, personalize the newly-gained knowledge, take part in group discussions and try out your new skills in specially-designed practice tasks. 

This workshop is open to: singles seeking skills for their future relationships, people currently in relationships aiming to enhance their and their partner’s well-being, people who want to participate individually, couples wanting to participate together, and everyone regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The meeting will be held in English and welcomes non-native speakers.

The format of the workshop does not require sharing facts of one’s private or intimate life with the group. It is for each participant to decide how actively they want to participate in the discussions and what they are ready to share. Creating a safe space for everyone to benefit from is one of the main priorities throughout the meeting.

Your guides in this meeting will be:

Agnieszka Szeżyńska – certified intimacy coach, sexuality educator, psycholinguistics expert, teacher trainer. Co-leader of the Sex Positive Institute in Warsaw, Poland and Student Advisor at Sex Coach University. She offers intimacy coaching to couples and individuals, helping with issues such as low desire, sexual incompatibility, communication issues, introducing novelty in the bedroom. A strong proponent of sexual intelligence as one of the main adult life skills.

Gabriel Ellis – psychologist, psychotherapist, Buddhist scholar, educator. He offers in-person and online psychotherapy for individuals and couples, helping with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and life questions. A deep understanding of the connections between culture, mind, and unconscious lay the foundations for his work in self-development.


When: check scheduled dates
Where: Sex Positive Institute, Dobra 4/26, Powiśle district, Warsaw
How much: 150PLN per person
Buy a ticket: https://coachingintymnosci.pl/produkt/growing-together/
Contact: agnieszka@coachingintymnosci.pl