About me

I’m a Certified Sex Coach. I’m a graduate of Sex Coach University, an international sex coaching school led by Dr Patti Britton, where after completing my training I worked as a Student Advisor, supporting other sex-positive experts on their professional training journey. I have completed training in Brief Solution Focused Therapy – an approach I combine with coaching tools. I have completed intensive trainings in sexual diversity (SAR – Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring) and self-exploration for sexuality professionals (ASPEX – Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience).  I am a co-leader of the Sex Positive Institute in Warsaw, Poland. 

My 15 years’ experience in adult education, coaching and trainer training made me hooked on aiding the self-development process of my clients. I hold an MA in English linguistics and I’m an expert in gender studies, sexuality, communication and pedagogy. I love to ask questions and help my clients on the path towards their sexual well-being. 

I offer intimacy coaching in Polish and in English to couples and individuals. 

Sessions take place in person in the Powiśle district in Warsaw, Poland or online.

What is intimacy coaching?


goal: your

intimate well-being





on solutions

Intimacy coaching is a unique blend of sexuality and relationship coaching. That’s because while we are whole and complete sexual beings as individuals, our intimate life comes alive when we come in contact with a partner. 

In my approach, I combine top of the line sexological knowledge with coaching tools to invite the best results. The coaching process asks you to think into the future and imagine the state of sexual well-being you want to achieve. We then formulate the goals, brainstorm possible courses of action and formulate a plan to make your ideal a reality. Intimacy coaching is a sex-positive, cooperative, results-focused process whose aim is for you to be sexually happy.

My specializations

Erotic incompatibility in a couple

I help couples and individuals in committed relationships to solve the issue of erotic incompatibility: discrepancies in libido levels, different needs and fantasies. I help reignite desire, introduce novelty to the bedroom, hone negotation skills. 

Female sexuality and orgasm potential

I help women learn to experience orgasm and explore its various incarnations in partner and/or solo sex. I work with women who wish to become more sexually empowered, take initiative, use their pleasure potential to the fullest, deal with feelings of shame or learn to love their bodies.  

Dealing with jealousy

I teach techniques helpful in dealing with jealousy – the sexual and the every-day kind. I help clients understand their sources of jealous feelings, what they want to communicate to us and how to make them work for us rather than against us in a relationship.

Non/monogamy - threesomes, open relationships

I help act out fantasies about threesomes, expertly navigate open relationships, be mindful of needs and boundaries in consensually non-monogamous relationship formats. I work with polyamorous clients.