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 Intimacy coaching is a unique blend of sexuality and relationship coaching. That’s because while we are whole and complete sexual beings as individuals, our sexuality always exists in relationship to something other than ourselves – partners, families of origin, society and culture. Sexuality is as much about ourselves as it is about how we relate to the world at large.

In my approach, I combine top of the line sexological knowledge with coaching tools to help you build the state of sexual well-being you would like to experience. Intimacy coaching is a sex-positive, cooperative, results-focused process, where your sexual health is defined not as a lack of dysfunction, but as a source of pleasure, connection and self-awareness.

About me

I’m a Certified Sex Coach, sex-ed trainer and author. I’m a graduate of Sex Coach University, where after completing my training I worked as a Student Advisor, supporting other sex-positive experts on their professional training journey. I have completed training in Brief Solution Focused Therapy – an approach I combine with coaching tools. I have completed intensive trainings in sexual diversity (SAR – Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring) and self-exploration for sexuality professionals (ASPEX – Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience). I published two books and a sexual intimacy-building card game for couples for the Polish-language market. I am a co-leader of the Sex Positive Institute in Warsaw, Poland. 

I hold an MA in English linguistics and I’m an expert in gender studies, sexuality, communication and pedagogy. I love to ask questions and help my clients on the path towards their sexual well-being. 

I offer intimacy coaching in Polish and in English to individuals and couples. 

Sessions take place in person in Warsaw, Śródmieście district or online.

To inquire about intimacy coaching,

please contact me by email and shortly describe the issue you’re looking for support with.